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Our Vision

We believe music education can be used as personal development leading to a more harmonious and compassionate world for all.

Our Mission

Activate wonder, joy and life skills in children through music education.

Brief History & Bio 

Andrew Ingkavet is an educator, author, coach and entrepreneur. 

After graduating with a Bachelors of Music from NYU, he worked in all aspects of the music and media business and even as a VJ for MTV-ASIA. 

When his son Alejandro began asking for music lessons at 3 years old, Andrew discovered there were no teachers willing to accept him. Andrew’s life took a huge turn as he began devoting all of his energy to creating an age-appropriate curriculum available for young beginners. 

With a wide angle of real life experience from composing to information design to journalism, Andrew has created a unique new approach for music education. 

Today, the Musicolor Method is being taught to thousands of children around the world to instantly learn and gain the benefits of life skills through music.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Featured Locations

These teachers and studios all are officially licensed to teach Musicolor Method.



Park Slope Music Lessons
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Where it all started - 14 teachers led by Andrew Ingkavet, creator of Musicolor Method.

Pierre Music
Pierre, South Dakota, USA

Kerry and his team will get your child started and help you purchase all your instruments at this full service store.

Janet Davis Piano Instructor
Springboro, OH, USA

Jan has decades of experience and is well versed in all kinds of music and teaching curricula.

Shoreline Music Lessons

CJ is a board certified behavior analyst and has decades of experience working with special needs children one-on-one and in small groups.  You can see his video on this page above.

Get In The Groove
Sydney, Australia

Anne is a well loved and in-demand teacher in Sydney and one of the earliest adopters of Musicolor Method.

Grand Stafford Music Studio
Stafford, VA, USA

Marcie is one of our earliest certified Musicolor teachers.  "My passion is seeing the magic of positive self-image that results when children accomplish something that was hard for them."  You can see her video on this page above.

Frederick Guitar School
Frederick, MD, USA

Tyler teaches guitar, ukulele, piano, and general music.

Eric Hunter Music Studio
New York City, NY, USA

Eric is a well-known educator and co-founder/host of the Piano Pod, a podcast for piano teachers.

Brownstone Music Lessons
Brighton, MA, USA

Brett was one of our first Musicolor teachers and has now expanded to having more teachers.

Carol Koczo
Manassas, VA, USA

Carol was an early adopter of the Musicolor Method and even wrote an article about it for a piano blog.

Petters Piano Studio
Farmington, UT, USA

Susan was one of our first Musicolor teachers!  You can see her video on this page above.

Tunes N Tots
Eastern CT, USA

Nicole has a thriving studio with multiple locations.
"I use two interactive and unique methods that have been successful with ages 3-10 year olds! Children ages 3-5 use a combination of the Musicolor Method and Wunderkeys for preschoolers."

Where Can I Get Your Books?

Our books are now only available to licensed Musicolor Instructors.  You can apply by booking a meeting here.

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