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Welcome to Musicolor Method, where we help music school and studio owners create adaptive, inclusive, and fun music programs for young students that lead to instant joy, longer retention rates, and lasting impact -not to mention greater long-term revenue.

As music educators ourselves, we understand the challenges of keeping young students engaged and motivated in their musical studies. That's why we've developed a comprehensive music curriculum that is designed to appeal to a broad range of learning styles and abilities.

Our curriculum is based on the latest research in music education, and it emphasizes creativity, fun, and inclusivity. We believe that every child has the potential to become a successful musician, and we strive to create an environment that supports their growth and development.

With Musicolor Method, you can attract and retain more students than ever before, and build a reputation for excellence in your community. Our adaptive approach to music education ensures that every student receives personalized attention and guidance, and our fun and engaging curriculum keeps them excited about learning.


The gap in music education

Does this sound like your music studio?

You get phone calls from parents asking to teach their 4 and 5 year olds?  And then, you try and find it frustratingly difficult to keep them engaged and wanting to keep coming back.

Hi, I’m Andrew Ingkavet, and I’m a fellow music educator and school owner who had this exact same problem. 

It started with my own son asking for lessons at age 3!  And as I started homeschooling him, his friends started joining. 

Before long, I had a full studio with even a waiting list.  But it was my early struggles with trying to teach kids the traditional way that made me look for other approaches.  By combining my experience as a teacher, designer and composer, I created a new way of teaching. 

I call it the Musicolor Method.


What is the Musicolor Method Difference -->

The Musicolor Method Difference

Explore Music By Playing

Your students play a simple song at the piano/keyboard in the first 3 minutes of the first lesson and then continue playing everyday for 5 minutes because it’s fun


Music For Everyone! 

Inclusive and easy to follow lesson plans designed for preliterate children and engaging for all levels of learners


Just In Time Information

Music doesn’t have to be complicated - we present information as needed to play graded songs that naturally lead to higher levels of fun and enjoyment


Music As Personal Development

We build the skills of life by using music as personal development.  Students take responsibility for learning and practice right from the start.


Increase Your Profits

By starting students younger and keeping them longer, you are not only making a massive positive impact on these children, but also increasing your average lifetime value.  And because each lesson is so simple and students know how to “read” the music even if they are preliterate, they happily practice on their own.  This opens music up to everyone, not just prodigies!

A Turnkey Program That’s Easy To Implement

The program has an in-depth curriculum with an easy to follow framework.  We provide a full suite of advertising and marketing support to help you launch your program quickly and easily.   Plus, parents are so impressed with the results, they can’t help but brag about you.

Musicolor Method is a…

  • Tested and proven method
  • Unique and effective way to an underserved and eager age group
  • Powerful way to stand out from your competition
  • Affordable and easy to implement program

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Our Vision

We believe music education can be used as personal development leading to a more harmonious and compassionate world for all.

Our Mission

Activate wonder, joy and life skills in children through music education.

Brief History & Bio 

I’m Andrew Ingkavet, a composer & musician, who spent a soul-sucking decade making corporate websites until my toddler son asked me to teach him piano. To my shock, I discovered there were no age-appropriate methods and began teaching him by applying a framework from design I now call Musicolor Method.

My students thrived, my studio grew and as I began sharing this, other teachers began applying it and their enrollment exploded. If you’d like to discover this powerful 7-step process and put it to work in your studio, watch my free training and then book a call with me.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Featured Locations

These teachers and studios all are officially licensed to teach Musicolor Method.



Park Slope Music Lessons
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Where it all started - 14 teachers led by Andrew Ingkavet, creator of Musicolor Method.

Pierre Music
Pierre, South Dakota, USA

Kerry and his team will get your child started and help you purchase all your instruments at this full service store.

Janet Davis Piano Instructor
Springboro, OH, USA

Jan has decades of experience and is well versed in all kinds of music and teaching curricula.

Shoreline Music Lessons

CJ is a board certified behavior analyst and has decades of experience working with special needs children one-on-one and in small groups.  You can see his video on this page above.

Get In The Groove
Sydney, Australia

Anne is a well loved and in-demand teacher in Sydney and one of the earliest adopters of Musicolor Method.

Grand Stafford Music Studio
Stafford, VA, USA

Marcie is one of our earliest certified Musicolor teachers.  "My passion is seeing the magic of positive self-image that results when children accomplish something that was hard for them."  You can see her video on this page above.

Eric Hunter Music Studio
New York City, NY, USA

Eric is a well-known educator and co-founder/host of the Piano Pod, a podcast for piano teachers.

Brownstone Music Lessons
Brighton, MA, USA

Brett was one of our first Musicolor teachers and has now expanded to having more teachers.

Carol Koczo
Manassas, VA, USA

Carol was an early adopter of the Musicolor Method and even wrote an article about it for a piano blog.

Petters Piano Studio
Farmington, UT, USA

Susan was one of our first Musicolor teachers!  You can see her video on this page above.

Tunes N Tots
Eastern CT, USA

Nicole has a thriving studio with multiple locations.
"I use two interactive and unique methods that have been successful with ages 3-10 year olds! Children ages 3-5 use a combination of the Musicolor Method and Wunderkeys for preschoolers."

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