Why Musicolor Method Works

We approach music like a language

 The Musicolor Method is the shortest path to learning music by playing

We start by playing piano while teaching foundations of music.  We use piano because it’s easy to create sound, is visual and easy to understand.   By using color, we bypass confusing hieroglyphics of traditional notation and get students playing instantly.  


Our lesson plans have been meticulously designed, researched, and tested over the past 15 years with thousands of students in New York City. Moreover, a select group of teachers from Seattle to Sydney, Washington DC to London, and Pierre to Singapore have had access to our methodology with astounding outcomes. These teachers have demonstrated the effectiveness and expediency of the Musicolor Method in both enhancing student performance and boosting business revenue.


Here’s how


  1. We start every student with piano as it is the simplest visual and logical way
  2. We use color as educational scaffolding to directly label fingers, keys and notation
  3. Notation is simplified and grows in complexity over time
  4. There are 6 phases of simplified notation
  5. Music theory is presented as games using physical elements for kinesthetic learning
  6. Songs are graded in phases of simplified notation
  7. Each lesson is easy, fun and winnable creating massive confidence for students and motivating them to continue learning
  8. Students can rapidly add or switch to other instruments with a full grounding in music

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DeeDee W

Finally an answer to teaching children that can't read yet! This is a brilliant idea! For the first time, I have a 5 year old that is finally reading music and using all five fingers. But the most important thing is that the children I teach are enjoying learning to play and singing the songs.

Dora C Koh

Thanks for creating this program, Andrew! It empowers kids to make music and cultivates the interest and desire to learn more. It works! Just as we taught our kids using the balance bike approach versus the training wheels, the musicolor method allows my kids to enjoy making music on their own before having to read the traditional black/white notation.