How This All Started

My son Alejandro entered the world singing. Ever since I can remember, we sang to him, and he sang back. When he turned three, he began asking for music lessons. Even though I had trained to be a music teacher at NYU (Scholar in Education), I had never made that my professional focus. I figured I’d just get him a local teacher. To my surprise, not a single teacher would accept a three year old. They would say,
“Come back when he’s eight.”

So I decided to make teaching my son a home-school project. I pulled out
all my old music education textbooks, dove deep into the library, and spent thousands of hours (and dollars!) researching methods, materials, and curriculum.


Early piano lesson with Alejandro

A Gap In Music Education

What I discovered was... a gap in music education.

There were plenty of toddler clap-along and sing-along programs, but no one presented a viable curriculum to teach a preschooler how to play an instrument. The more I experimented, though, the more I knew it was


Today, I’ve spent over a decade with music education as my primary professional focus. I’ve gone from a handful of children to a thriving music school with several teachers and close to 100 students per week.

The Musicolor Method® is now being taught worldwide with incredible results.

By following along with simple proven songs and activities in sequence, I am confident that you can successfully introduce the magic of music to your child / student.

And my son? I’m happy and proud to say he is growing up into a fine young man and accomplished musician who still sings everyday!

I wish you the best with your musical magical journey!

Andrew Ingkavet

Andrew Ingkavet, Founder & CEO

Andrew Ingkavet is a distinguished music educator, author, and entrepreneur with a storied career that spans from being an MTV-VJ to working with iconic artists like Guns N' Roses and Ozzy Osbourne. An award-winning composer, Andrew's unique approach to music draws from his vast experiences, using it as a tool to unearth our authentic selves.

His innovative Musicolor Method® has shaped the curriculum of his thriving Brooklyn-based music school and has expanded through his published books and online courses. Beyond education, Andrew's multifaceted journey includes founding 300 Monks Music, a music licensing company, and launching Asia's first digital media agency.



Growing up in a diverse background and navigating challenges in an all-white suburb, music became Andrew's bridge to connection. His dedication to the art led him to win a scholarship to NYU, where he pursued education and performance. This intense focus and discipline have been pivotal in his eclectic career, from music marketing to tech startups like Music Boulevard.

Having contributed to esteemed platforms like Teachwell and Music Teachers Helper, Andrew's insights have also graced television channels like CNBC and print media including the Asian Wall Street Journal. He's been profiled in leading newspapers like Guardian UK, International Business Times, and Business Insider. He's an alumnus of NYU, with advanced studies at renowned institutions like The Juilliard School.

Available for discussions on music's transformative power in education, business, and life, Andrew's journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities within music and creativity.


Music by Andrew Ingkavet

Film and theater scores.