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What you'll get:

  • See exactly how to setup the keys and which stickers we recommend
  • Understand why the songs are sequenced this way
  • Know exactly how long this book should last with your child

Of course, your child needs to practice daily to reach the goals of this program.  We make it easy for them with music they can instantly read and songs that are fun to sing.

What People Are Saying:

The author gives sound advice on how to teach music to young children and some of the do’s and don’ts in getting them interested and keeping them interested. What I read in just a few minutes is going to be very helpful to me as my daughter’s first music teacher and beneficial for her as she is learning the basics. I also have the perspective of being a child and learning the piano and not always loving it and at times even dreading having to practice (mandatory 30 minutes).....so I appreciate the author’s advice to not go too fast in trying to teach your child but easing into it with a short amount of time of practice every day and at a set time of day to establish routine. This makes it so it’s not so overwhelming for the child or the teacher but more of a fun thing to do.

Corinna from USA

I have my kids work on the piece until they can play "with their eyes closed" before moving on to the next song. Most songs are familiar favorites which makes it easy to internalize. My kids were able to play the songs confidently even on an "unmarked/non-color coded" keyboard. I was concerned at first if I could teach my own children the piano. This curriculum made it fun and possible. I highly recommend it!

Dora Koh